Wellness packages from Camperplaats Vechtdal


Elly and Carine provide the massage and pedicure treatments. Elly specialises in body wraps and massages, she supervises courses and workshops on conscious handling. Carine is a medical pedicure and Dorntherapist and is training as a massage and foot reflexologist.

They ensure you go home "reborn"

Relaxation massage
A treatment focusing on headache massage. To relieve headache symptoms, but also very suitable for those suffering from tension and stress without headache symptoms. Who wouldn't benefit from this?

Treatment content:

Brief intake
Massage of back, neck and shoulders with spirited massage strokes. (Should it be too painful, the massage will be adjusted slightly)
Massage of scalp and face
approx. 45 minutes € 60.00 p.p 
approx. 45 minutes Breuss massage € 55.00

Body massage

45 minutes € 60.00

60 minutes € 70.00


Wellness packages for two

Bedtime package

An activated and relaxing massage to forget even all the stress of the day. Afterwards, a wellness package for two to enjoy a little more in the campervan.
Treatment contents:
*foot,- and lower leg massage
* neck and shoulder massage
approximately 50 min per person
For two persons € 119.50
One person € 61.50

Experience it on Campervan Park Vechtdal

Package "Enjoy the Vechtdal"

A relaxing massage of back, neck, shoulders, legs, face and scalp. Focusing on pressure point massage which has a beneficial effect on the body. 
Duration approximately 60 minutes.
€ 139.50 for two persons

Happy feet" package

A relaxing and caring massage for your feet and legs.
After a long bike ride or hike, a fresh start for the next day.

About 30 min per person
For two persons € 65.00
One person € 33.50

Foot Wellness

This is a wonderful experience. You will first receive a wonderful dead sea or magnesium foot bath. Magnesium relaxes the body and makes you sleep well.

After the foot bath, you will get a nice foot scrub to remove dead skin cells. To make your feet feel even nicer, you will get a foot mask after this, all while enjoying a delicious chamomile tea.

And finally, your feet are given a lovely massage.

About 30 minutes per person
For two persons € 65.00
1 person €33.50

Relax for two

This Breuss massage provides intense relaxation and mobility in the back, neck and shoulders with a deep energetic effect. The Breuss massage moves on the movements, using st jans oil with specific movement and being woven in. Heating oil helps to make the intervertebral discs more flexible and reduce muscle tension.

approximately 40 min per person
For two persons € 100
One person €55,

Double enjoyment

Pedicure treatment with a relaxing foot reflexology massage

First the feet are wonderfully cared for with a proper pedicure treatment, consisting of nail cutting, callus removal, ingrowing nails, corns, etc. followed by a relaxing foot reflexology massage.

This massage has a healing effect on the body and makes it more balanced.

By massaging special points on the foot and sole of the foot, blockages can be released. Recoveries are reduced.

max. 90 minutes € 75.00 p.p. 



In addition to the above packages, you can book a beneficial body wrap:

There are three types of packs
Karwendel - good for training and joints, circulation, for legs and for skin complaints.
Algae - for hydration and fat metabolism.
Oligo - against fatigue and stress. Balances cell metabolism.

All packs absorb waste products from the body and add minerals. They improve circulation and are very relaxing!

They make the skin and soft. Your skin becomes happy. In short, a pampering moment for body and mind.

€ 82.50 p.p.

Would you like to book? Fill in the contact form or send an mail.



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